Content Ideation for links and traffic


Content content content.

Everyone's banging on about it! And its supposed to be the key to getting more links, more traffic and more sales...

... But what kind of content do you need to make?

Why isn't your current content working?

And the businesses that ARE having success with content that is good enough to attract links - what exactly are they doing?

Todays episode will lay out the process we ask our clients to go through.

Are forum & blog comments a viable way to build links?


We all know what the link building methods in the "old days" consisted of...
Blasting a site with tonnes of forum links and blog comment links and waiting for the "juice" to kick in.
Was easy enough and could be automated with software - which is exactly why these kind of links were then made nofollow!
However, while I don't advocate building links in this way - there IS a viable way of building links using forums and commenting on blogs... Here's how it should be done.

Is it possible to build free links?


Today we'll discuss:

- building free links consistently

- the true value of "high DA" links

- and how seemingly "cheap" links, actually costs you more.

How can your website build an audience?


Quick episode today on how to maximise the amount of traffic your website is getting.

How do you get more attention?

How can your brand go viral?

Here's how.

Building links that are “high quality” - how do you define quality?


Not every link is made equal. Something we and other established link builders strive for - is building QUALITY links, rather than large volumes of low value links.

Today I'll go into:

  • The main factors which makes a link high quality
  • How you measure them
  • The BIG mistake many make when using tools like Moz or Ahrefs
  • And what you need to do to get these links




What exactly are “Links” and why do you need them?


Maybe 10-15 years ago you didn't need links, but believe me, from 2019 onwards you will NEED to start implementing this in your strategy if you want a consistent, sustainable source of traffic - without having to constantly chase your tail. (And that's especially when it comes to the most competitive keywords)

So what exactly are links, what are the benefits, and WHY do you need them? This episode will explain all.

The SEO Pyramid Explained


If you're struggling with your SEO, its not going to be solved with one magic bullet...

It requires a holistic and solid strategy in order to get a serious amount of sales and traffic.

This episode is going to explain what people call the "SEO Pyramid" - what's involved and an overview of how you execute it.

Metrics and their Overuse In Link Building


The number one mistake people make when building links...

And thats focusing on only one metric (be it DA, DR or TF) and basing their entire campaign around that. Worse yet, using that metric to measure SEO success. it detracts attention and there is a completely different set of metrics you SHOULD be focusing on.

Here's why I hate them and what you SHOULD be doing.

Beyond On-Page SEO: Why off-page factors are just as important


SEO is about so much more than just keywords and title tags nowadays...

Now, ever more than before - links are just as (if not more) important...

Sure, you could still rank for some keywords purely with good on-page SEO, but to truly have an overall strategy you will need to implement some form of link building if you want to make some large significant gains on your traffic.

And especially if you have an online business/ecommerce store, this is essential.

Creating Kick Ass Content Worth Of Links


Its all very well doing SEO, and attempting to build links.

But to do that - your site and/or the content on there  has to be worth linking to.

Today's episode will go into how to create content that's good enough, to earn you links hand over fist.

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